Are all Pilates the same? 

No, not all Pilates are the same. Following an unsuccessful intellectual property lawsuit, the term 'Pilates' became a popularised generic term in the fitness industry. There are many variances of Pilates - many school of thoughts. Some follow a more physio base approach which is more rehab focus and teach the repertoire in a modified and fractured system. The classical and True Pilates Method, will modify due to injury or/and weakness, however our goal is to get the client over injury/ pain and start to work on building strength and work the Pilates system. Pilates that are taught in Gyms - this is exercise, and not necessarily Pilates. In any instance of Pilates - Always ask

WHAT type of Pilates do they teach?

WHERE have they done their training and 

WHO they trained and certified with 


What is the 'Powerhouse' ?

The 'Powerhouse' is a term used in Pilates that refers to the trunk of the body- your foundation. Its is compromised of your upper and lower abdominals, buttocks, hips and lower back. The focus is to strengthen the deeper muscles of your abdominals to support your spine to aid good posture.

Pilates verses Yoga

Joseph Pilates was inspired by many disciplines- he delved in martial arts and more obviously in Yoga. For those who are familiar with yoga, you will see similarities in certain stances. 

The objective of the two disciplines vary - yoga is more focused on stretching through poses, whilst Pilates is more about exercise to strengthen the body with a healthy spine for to aid better posture. The flexibility is enabled through strength.

Having done Ashtanga in the past, I do believe the two disciplines can feed into each other beautifully. However, I have witnessed many people who do yoga that do more harm to their backs due to the lack of abdominal strength while attempting basic poses such as the downward dog. Be careful and always be conscious of your pulling into your powerhouse!