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The True Pilates Sydney Studio Team

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Yung Ok Yoo - Principal Instructor & Studio owner

“My Passion for the True Pilates method stems from my own evolution in exercise. Pilates has given me strength and discipline in body and mind”

Yung-Ok's background is in Fine Arts and hospitality. Her world changed when she discovered Pilates in 2007 after injuring her lower back and what started out as a weekly session became her life’s passion.

In 2008, Yung-Ok started her apprenticeship with 2nd Generation Teacher trainer Cynthia Lochard at The Pilates Method Training centre in Sydney for Romana’s Pilates. She completed 1000 hours of training before certifying in January 2009. Before opening her own studio, Yung-Ok taught in Romana's Pilates Studios around Sydney; The Pilates Method Sydney in Surry Hills, Powerhouse Pilates in Lillyfield and Balmain Pilates Studio in Balmain. Yung-Ok also ran Pilates classes around various locations around Sydney; ‘Hips’ boutique Gym in Summer Hills, Redfern Community Centre and Yoga to Go in Petersham.

In 2013, Yung-Ok opened 'True Pilates Sydney Studio' because she felt there was a poor representation of 'true' Pilates in the fitness world. With True Pilates Sydney Studio, she aims to deliver high quality instruction with a team of Professional Pilates teachers who are also passionate and dedicated to maintaining the integrity of theTrue Pilates Method.

Yung-Ok continues her own personal Pilates training with her weekly sessions with Teacher Trainer Cynthia Lochard. She regularly travels to New York (most recent trip Sept 2018) - the hub of Romana’s Pilates for continued intensive training with 2nd Generation Teacher trainers; Cynthia Shipley from Lifespan Pilates and Jerome Weinberg from True Pilates New York - east side (TPNY), Anthony Rabara from The Anthony Rabara Pilates Studio in Princeton, New Jersey.

In July 2019, Yung-Ok will be travelling to Brazil to do a workshop with Jerome Weinberg and also teach Pilates.


Pablo Comino - Resident Instructor

Since childhood, Pablo has always been interested in Sports and Exercise. His passion was heightened when his football idol got seriously injured. Following the news, Pablo became interested in Sports rehabilitation.

In 2004 - after graduating from College Pablo specialised in Rehabilitation in Sports Injury at Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP).

After three years of experience in Orthopaedics Rehabilitation, it became clear to Pablo that injuries were often due to imbalances in the body. Wanting to explore exercise methodology as a prevention to surgery, Pablo became interested in Pilates... and it changed his life's trajectory. 

In 2007, Pablo started his apprenticeship with second Generation teacher Master teacher Inelia Garcia at “The Pilates Studio Brazil” in Brazil, São Paulo  and became certified in 2009. 

After seven years of teaching Pilates, in 2014 Pablo decided to extend his knowledge in Physiology  and Exercise and completed his post graduate studies specialising in Physiology and Exercise Prescription: Rehabilitation to Training at University City of São Paulo (UNICID).

In 2017, with ten years of Pilates teaching experience under his belt Pablo decided to move to Australia and immerse himself into another culture. In 2018, Pablo completed his Fitness Certification III and currently (2019) completing his certification IV to become a qualified Personal Trainer.

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Yusun Oh - Associate Instructor

A former Athlete and professional soccer player - Yusun was a semi professional playing for Japan in 2013. In 2015, she returned home to Korea and played for in the Professional league. Yusun is also a certified soccer coach and physical education instructo

Yusun discovered Pilates when Pilates was incorporated into the team’s soccer training to help strengthen and improve players physicality. It also proved very effective in the prevention of injuries for the players. Inspired by Pilates, in 2016 Yusun started her Pilates apprenticeship initially in Lolita Pilates Method, however by chance after discovering the Romana’s Pilates Method she decided she wanted to be a certified Romana’s Pilates Instructor therefore retrained in the Romana’s Pilates Method Program. She moved to Sydney to finish her apprenticeship at Cynthia’s Lochard’s Pilates Method Studio, Sydney Australia - a Romana’s Pilates Training Centre.

In August 2018, Yusun certified as a Romana’s Pilates Instructor and has extended her stay in Australia for another year to immerse herself in Pilates.

Yusun was so inspired by the positivity that came from Pilates she hopes to share this with her clients and also take Romana’s Pilates back to Korea and teach Pilates to athletes

Carol Peramezza

Carol Peramezza - Guest Instructor

Carol has been teaching Pilates in Brazil since 2013. Prior to Pilates, Carol is a trained Physiotherapist and has worked in this capacity from 2011- 2013. However once she completed her Pilates instructorship program in 2013, she took the path of being Pilates instructor combining both her physiotherapy and Pilates knowledge to help rehabilitate and strengthen the body.   

Carol completed a 4 year Physiotherapy Course at University Anhembi Morumbi (UAM) in São Paulo in 2011, she also has a Post graduate degree “Sports Physiotherapy and Skeletal Muscle Rehabilitation’ from University Gama Filho in São Paulo - Brazil (completed in 2013). As part of this course she also learnt about Pilates and how it can help rehabilitate and strengthen the body.

In 2012 while doing her post graduate studies, Carol decide to expand her knowledge in Pilates and started the Pilates Instructor training program with Teacher Trainer Inélia García at ‘The Pilates Studio Brasil’ in Brazil - an internationally recognised Pilates training Program with grassroots from the Traditional Romana’s Pilates Method. After teaching Pilates for 3 years and having taught various international clients in English in Brazil, Carol saw the value of teaching in English. 

In 2016 she moved to Sydney to immerse herself in an English speaking country. Since 2017, she has been enrolled at The College of Sport and Fitness (CSF) and has completed certificate III and IV in Fitness and is currently (2019) enrolled in a course in Sport Coaching and Wellness. 

We are delighted to welcome Carol to the studio!


All the best to

Luke Cook

As of April 2018, we are sad to say Good bye to Instructor Luke Cook as he embarks on his move to England for the next chapter in his life.