Pilates Classes Sydney

At True Pilates Sydney Studio, we offer Pilates Classes on a more personal basis of training. Pilates demonstration of true Strength, Coordination and Control stems from technique in its strength work and precision. Pilates is more than just working out on the reformer and cracking a sweat. Many Pilates studios have sacrificed the integrity of the Pilates method to offer Pilates circuit group classes — this diminishes the understanding and hence the essence and real benefits of Pilates.

Pilates is very much about technique and learning to work from the right muscles. This varies for each individual as each body has different strengths and weaknesses. The instructor tailors the class program to suit the individual. Cues are specific and instructions are purposeful to your body. The instructor instructs and guides you through the session and makes sure you learn the Pilates technique and method through each exercise. 

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Private Pilates Classes

The most obvious benefit of having a private Pilates class starts from the immediate fact you have the instructor’s undivided attention. Where choices, instructions, explanations of exercises are all tailored for one specific Body and Mind.


Duet Pilates Classes

A pre-requisite of no less then 10 classes to guarantee some knowledge of Pilates before entering these duet sessions. Two persons of similar level and skill are partnered up to ensure easier strength progression of the work. 


Pilates Mat Classes

Learn about Pilates technique to work Strength, Stretch and Co-ordination in your Pilates Mat classes. Pilates Mat Classes at the studio are small and focused on strengthening the 'Powerhouse' - in particularly the upper and lower abdominals and lower back.