The importance of Pilates Technique


Pilates demonstration of true Strength, Coordination and Control stems from technique in its strength work and precision. It is more than just being on a reformer, moving the body and cracking a sweat.

The most obvious benefit of having good Pilates technique;

  1. More precision therefore better execution of exercises
  2. Faster progression and results of strength training and conditioning  
  3. Faster recovery from injury
  4. Better proprioception (body awareness)
  5. Better movement quality
  6. More focus

Unfortunately more and more I am witnessing the dilution of the Pilates technique mainly due to Pilates being taught in group classes. The application and teaching of the Pilates technique is so individual because each body is different, therefore the cues and instruction for the same exercise will vary from body to body. In group classes this nuance and specificity is lost and in place exercises are streamlined for mass application. 

And as a direct result I see new clients coming into the studio having done Pilates elsewhere with gym like bodies with bulky opposed to lengthen muscles ā€” working all from their arms and legs and no connection to their powerhouse. 

Without good Pilates technique, the real benefits of Pilates for the Mind and Body is lost. Therefore at True Pilates Sydney Studio we are more focused on Private Pilates Classes to maintain a high quality of instruction that is more technique driven. Our teachers at True Pilates Sydney Studio are all Professional Pilates teachers with a minimum of 7 years experience. We believe in delivering the best Pilates Technique to get the best outcome in Mind, Body and Spirit.