Mat classes are small and intimate - Classes do not exceed 7 people to ensure enough attention is paid to each individual


Learn about Pilates technique to work Strength, Stretch and Co-ordination in your Pilates Mat classes. Pilates Mat Classes at the studio are focused on strengthening the 'Powerhouse' - in particularly the upper and lower abdominals and lower back. We teach the Traditional Pilates Mat workout which is a more rigorous routine and depending on the level increases with intensity. Stretching is incorporated within the exercises and routine. These classes work on Strength, stretch and challenges your co-ordination.

In these Pilates Mat Classes - we also use arm weights to work the upper body, and Magic (resistant) circles to work on deepening your powerhouse. These additions vary with levels of classes. 

The mat classes are small and intimate (limited to 7 people) so adequate attention is paid to each individual. These classes are not drop in classes, so please ring ahead to enquire about availability.



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