"True Pilates is a proper Pilates studio with one of the best teachers you will find in Australia. Yung Ok is a very thorough and patient teacher and since I have started Pilates with her I have noticed increases in my strength and flexibility. I would highly recommend this studio for anyone who wants to learn the traditional Pilates method, recover from any injuries they may have or simply improve their overall health."

- D.White

"Yung Ok - I just wanted to say thank you for your professionalism and friendship. My experience at your studio has been first rate and more importantly fun. You go the extra mile quite simply because you care about the outcomes. Keep up the good work."

- Nick S.

"I can't imagine a better studio, or a better teacher than Yung Ok. Every care is taken to make sure every movement is precise and correct. Her gentle firmness, passionate awareness and profound understanding of both traditional Pilates and its contemporary adaptations makes True Pilates Sydney truly a world-class studio."

- John Dobbin, Digital Strategist

"I had 19 One on One sessions for 3 months with Yung Ok - post L4/5 micro-discectomy surgery.
Yung Ok was extremely professional and adapted my Pilates to fit in with the restriction and inflammation in my Lumbar Spine after the surgery.
I was the first Client to begin a rehab program so early after back surgery she told me.
Yung Ok was very patient and her knowledge of anatomy and bio-mechanics of the Lumbar Spine and Pelvic area accelerated my recovery by strengthening my core through isolation of anterior abdomen muscles.
I would highly recommend her for patients wishing to be proactive in there rehabilitation from Back surgery."

- Peter Bisby, Radiologist

"True Pilates equipment is first class and well kept, my teacher (Yung Ok) is knowledgable and customises the exercise regime to individual clients. My one hour weekly session with Yung Ok is my little bit of "painful zen" - a one on one Pilates class where I have her full attention and she stretches me in all kinds of directions! After walking out the door, I feel a foot taller and breath so much easier. Highly recommend."

- Lisa Fryar

"I came to True Pilates Sydney Studio with debilitating back issues.
After years of back problems, and various treatment plans, I had all but given up on being pain-free again.
Within a couple of weeks of concentrated hard work with the exceptional Yung Ok, I was astounded by the results.
There is a marked improvement, not only in my problematic back, but in my general fitness and well-being.
This is thanks to the focus, dedication, trust and intuition that Yung Ok extends in every class.
Pilates convert,"

- Rikkie Proost, TV Producer

"Yung-Ok is one of the best teachers I have ever experienced and her studio is one of the most pleasant spaces I know, there is a great sense of harmony and respect in this room. Her teaching is careful, supportive, but disciplined and demanding when needed, and always full of humour trying to get the best out of you.  You will concentrate and sweat a lot!  After almost every session, I leave the studio elated and then exhausted by the time I arrive home and wake up the next morning feeling taut and terrific.  My other fitness activities benefit from everything feeling freer and looser and I have a really heightened consciousness about parts of my body I never paid attention to before.  And in day to day life I feel a greater inner strength, awareness and general well being.  Even after these few weeks, I can't imagine ever stopping my Pilates practice now."

- Atul Joshi, Client as of 2014

"Over the years I've trained with many Pilates instructors. In 2011 I started training with Yung Ok and I've never looked back. From all of the instructors she's by far the best and I hope to train with her for many years to come."

-Joke Korringa, Client since 2011

"I love my workouts! I know it's honeymoon time and they'll get harder, but I'm still enthralled!"

-  Claudio Paroli,  TV Producer @ TVi Productions

"After trying a few pilates studios and also group classes, I finally found Yung Ok at True Pilates Sydney situated in Buckingham St, Surry Hills. I can say that she is categorically the best pilates teacher I have ever used. She tailors each session according to what needs to be worked on, yet at the same time always strengthening and lengthening. I am a different person with better posture and strength through my core due to her work and I will be with her a very long time. As a bonus, Yung Ok is so much fun to work with, she always has a smile and a laugh!"

- Jamie Bakewell, Director @ Tonic the Agency

"I had a block of 10 privates with Yung-ok on a recent trip to Sydney.  I've been fortunate enough to have had good teachers in the past, but I think Yung-ok is an exceptional teacher: very focused and committed on delivering the best sequence of exercises tailored to my particular needs. She was always clear and creative in communicating how to do the work, and clear when I was getting it right or not. I'd recommend her in a heart beat and just wished I lived locally so I could continue working with her!"

- Alison Ive, Travelling Client from London

"Wow! This stuff really works - I am new to Pilates – I thought I needed to do some core work and that I would just give it a go. Yung Ok is fantastically knowledgeable, and a gentle but firm trainer. I have been amazed at how quickly Yung Ok has found old injuries and how much I have benefited – both in terms of improving old injuries, as well as generally. It had made a difference to my weight work outs (I can lift more),    and my general posture."                                                     

- David Puls, Managing Consultant @ Westwood Spice