These days people function so much on autopilot without much thought to what they eat, drink and how they move. People as a whole eat too much, and food choices are dictated more by convenience and costs rather than health and wellbeing. I’ll be honest — I am not a fan of trending diets and not at all calories conscious — albeit consuming or burning. I am a cynical generalist when it comes to diets and exercise, preferring to defer to how I ‘feel’ to determine what is good, bad, beautiful or ugly for my health and body.

My favourite home made lunch - Avocado, Persian Fetta and lemon kale on sourdough

My favourite home made lunch - Avocado, Persian Fetta and lemon kale on sourdough

FIVE things I adhere to;

  1. Eating my meals — not a fan of the blend trend and drinking my meals; protein shakes/ or green smoothies. Mainly due to the excessive volume of vegetable/ fruits you end up consuming and the mindlessness and convenience it imbues.
  2. Everything in Moderation — with the exception of drinking soft drinks and smoking which without sounding too dogmatic, is the bane of modern day foods and habits.
  3. Good exercising — I opt for methods of exercising that challenge my body on multi-levels; cardio, mentally and physically. These days my menu of exercise consist of Pilates, Whitewater kayaking and swimming in sea or river water.
  4. Be Mindful while active and Listen to your body— It is important to be mindful when you are active. I see so many people exercising to music in gyms or out running. This may take away the mundaneness of exercise, but also the focus and awareness of the body to pick up signals of stress— which can lead to injury.
  5. “My body is my temple” — this adage is an oldie but a goodie. Treat your body with respect and think about wellbeing and longevity versus vanity and superficiality.

Life is short. Educate yourself and make improvements where it counts. Be a free thinker when it comes to decisions about your body. And always endeavour to bring focus and discipline to the trinity of Mind, Body and Spirit in what you eat, live and love.